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There are many ways you can get involved. 

Spread the word, share our ideas

Get trust on the agenda!  Share The Good Society Summary with people you know.

Policy development

We are focused on developing policies that fit the framework of creating social wellbeing. We need people with ideas to develop policy outlines that can be added to the website and then used by those lobbying their local member or relevant government minister or just trying to stimulate discussion and engagement in their own community. Sign up below and click 'contributor'. 


There is ample space for those seeking to advocate for a more civil society. Think getting policies to those in power or those with influence. Think: inform, infiltrate, and influence politicians, parties, and voters before the next elections. 

Worker bees

If you love nothing more that a solid to-do list, a spreadsheet or even a clipboard, step right up. We need people who love to organise and get things done, or mount a campaign, and distribute policy material. The whole premise of The Good Society to is revive community hope and trust by putting social policy back on centre stage.


The only way to do that is will quality policies and passionate people. At a grassroots level you can download material and pass it around to your own local networks so more people become aware that there are alternatives to what we have now. That there are social solutions and that it's time for us to remind those in power that we are citizens, not customers.

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