The Missing Policies That A Competent Future Government Should Adopt 
Income Support   
Proposed Policy Changes and/or Additions  Why they should occur? 
1 Raise NewStart Payments by $50 p/w  The rate is too low and many are on it long term
2 Reintroduce parenting payment when kids 8 years and over  Parenting time requires more money and lower taper 
3 Retain Family Tax Benefits B (FTB) for sole parents with teens, not cut it Older children need more time/money, not less
4 Reverse decision to cut carbon tax supplement for new payees  Most allowance rates are far too low already.
5 Stop Cashless Welfare Card Trials, but not services No evidence control works services, skew results
6 Stop Compulsory Income Management in Northern Territory and elsewhere Evaluations show no real benefits and have high admin costs
7 Stop removing people from Disability Support Pension (DSP) with lesser needs  Recipients can't survive on Newstart and can't find jobs
8 Ensure the Age Pension is adequate for sole retirees  Needs of carers, others without or limited super
9 Trial a Universal Basic Income for wider recipients   With fewer future-proofed jobs we need a serious welfare payment
Fair Access to Services and Jobs  
Proposed Policy Changes and/or Additions  Why they should occur? 
10 Fund more community jobs for the hard to employ  Meet community needs and create more jobs
11 Continue the funding for Working Women's Centres  Traditional sources of support for poorer workers
12 Index Medicare GP rebate, fees have been fixed since 2013 Possible gap fees will reduce access for poorer people
13 Increase capital funds for more social housng in cities  High housing costs are creating more homelessness 
14 Retain current access to government paid parental leave  Reduced time would disadvantage parents/babies 
15 Fund equal pay gender-based skills review and actions Legislate to adjust identified gender biases
16 Retain universal 24-hour-per-week subsidy for childcare Access to care should be based on child's needs, not parents' 
17 Retain and expand Budget based childcare fundng model Indigenous/communities need communal funds
18 Restore the extra funding schools need to redress inequity  The Gonski package is a necessary 'fair go' for kids
Indigenous Specific Issues   
Proposed Policy Changes and/or Additions  Why they should occur? 
20 Fund National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation's Indigenous health planning models The evidence is there that decisions by Indigenous people for Inidgenous people work 
21 Abolish competitive tendering top down funding This is why the Indigenous Advancement Strategy (IAS) model did not and could not work
22 Fund Indigenous-run treaty planning processes Negotiate between equal for just outcomes
23 Ensure adequate funding for isolated communities  Stop threatening to close/defund traditional land living
24 Fund National Congress ($15 million cut) to continue A needed source of advice and better evidence
Domestic Violence (DV) Funding  
Proposed Policy Changes and/or Additions  Why they should occur? 
25 Ensure adequate funding for women's DV services DV services to meet needs which are more than just housing
26 Revoke $40 million cut to community legal DV services and add more  Changing public views demands more advice
27 Provide access to DV crisis payment regardless of visa status Help foreign 'brides' to leave DV men  
28 Renew $115 million National Homeless 2017 funding Lack of homeless services make DV worse
29 Fund the Australia Women's Health Network Provides needed advice on DV (and other) issues
Fairness and Justice  
Proposed Policy Changes and/or Additions  Why they should occur? 
30 Process asylum seekers in region and set up real queue  Low cost undercuts smugglers' business plan
31 Close Manus/Nauru, process here and resettle elsewhere Discourage smugglers and stop persecution
32 Triple totla refugee intake, offering hope in the region Will undermine the smugglers' business plan
33 Add staff to process all leftover asylum seekers in limbo Many have no rights to work/study etc.
34 Allow asylum seekers access to universities and TAFE fee help  They stay, we benefit. If not they still have skills
35 Change 457 visa to allow sex workers to work here legally Stops unfair exploitative brother owners